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Poster: jrwebmaster Date: Jan 6, 2017 9:34am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Files to be deleted - "error: file does not exist"

I have been able to clean up some badly named files from all of my items except one. I need help with that one item. It is here:

The files associated with the item are here:

I want to—but cannot—delete the first four files listed under the item, namely these four files:

H:\web_dev\jr-audio-test\JR12-2015-10-03-RTR-CIW-what-is-a-higher-power-judith.afpk 05-Nov-2016 06:40 236.5K
H:\web_dev\jr-audio-test\JR12-2015-10-03-RTR-CIW-what-is-a-higher-power-judith.mp3 05-Nov-2016 06:38 7.9M
H:\web_dev\jr-audio-test\JR12-2015-10-03-RTR-CIW-what-is-a-higher-power-judith.ogg 05-Nov-2016 06:39 11.0M
H:\web_dev\jr-audio-test\JR12-2015-10-03-RTR-CIW-what-is-a-higher-power-judith.png 05-Nov-2016 06:40 11.2K

When I try to delete them from the web interface, I get the message "Error: file does not exist."

Can you delete these for me? Thanks!